Assess How Your Child’s Daycare Prepares For The Hot Days Of Summer

If your child is attending daycare during the summer, you'll appreciate that he or she has a fun place to spend each day of the summer break from school. It's common for daycares to have their children spend at least part of the day outside, but if you live in an area that has very hot summers, you'll want to be confident that your child won't get too much sun. When you enroll the child, don't hesitate to ask questions about how the staff members deal with hot days. Here are some particular hot topics to discuss.

Stay-In Policy

It's generally ideal for children to get outside during the day, if even for the chance to burn off some energy. However, there are days that are simply too hot to be healthy for kids — especially when they want to run around. Check if the daycare has a stay-in policy for when the temperature reaches a certain level. For example, the daycare might keep the children indoors for the entire day when it gets to 92 degrees. You'll feel good knowing that there's a specific rule about this topic.

Availability Of Shelter

Don't be afraid to look at the daycare's outdoor space to ensure that there are adequate sheltered areas. Children don't always know to take it easy on hot days, and your child could do a lot of running around and get hot. The presence of a sheltered area will give your child the chance to play in the shade, rather than in the direct sun. Have the daycare staff show you this area so that you can assess its size. Ideally, it will be large enough to accommodate all of the daycare attendees, including your son or daughter.

Sunscreen And Water

As a parent, it's ideal if you can lather your child up with sunscreen before he or she goes to daycare on sunny days. Doing so can go a long way toward preventing sunburns on the child's face and neck, arms, and legs. However, there may be the odd time that you forget this task — or that the weather changes dramatically between the morning and the afternoon on a day that you didn't feel sunscreen was warranted. Confirm that the daycare has a supply of sunscreen on hand and that the staff will take care of your child. You'll also want to confirm that the staff take hydration seriously and will encourage children to drink before and after being in the sun.

To learn more, contact your local childcare facility today.