How To Become A Foster Parent

There are many kids who can't be with their parents for a number of reasons. Some come from families with drug abuse problems. Others have lost their family members due to death or illness. You can provide the love, safety, and support these kids need by opening your heart and home as a foster parent. If you decide you want to foster children, there are some steps you need to follow. Here are three things you'll need to do in order to become a licensed foster parent.

1. Find the foster care agency in your area.

Foster care agencies may be run by the state government or simply supervised by them. In order to become a foster parent, you'll need to find the foster care agency in your area. Foster care agencies are always thrilled to have new volunteers. Call the phone number provided on their website to speak with someone who can walk you through the next steps in the licensing process.

2. Pass the initial screening.

Foster agencies want to make sure they're sending children into safe environments. In order to accomplish this goal, all prospective foster parents are screened accordingly. In order to be eligible to foster, you need to have an income that will allow you to support a foster child. You'll need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to care for children. You'll also need to have sufficient time and space in your home and life to accommodate a child. Before you go any further in the process, a foster agency representative will take you through the screening process.

3. Attend training classes.

Once you pass the screening process, you will be eligible to attend training classes. These classes will teach you everything you need to know in order to be a good foster parent. Remember that foster children often have unique concerns and issues. Some of them come from abusive homes and other negative situations, so you may need to treat them with extra sensitivity and care. Training classes will help you learn to set appropriate boundaries with kids. You'll also learn how to make yourself available without pressuring foster kids who may not trust new adults right away.

You don't need to adopt children in order to provide a loving home for them. Foster parents are a necessary part of the child services system. As a foster parent, you will have the opportunity to touch the lives of many. Follow these steps to become licensed as a foster parent.