What to Know about Infant Child Care Facilities

Infant care is similar to child care for older children, except there are different requirements. Child care workers provide your child with a safe, nurturing place to stay while you take care of other responsibilities, such as working, attending classes, etc. Infants require special treatment to be happy and content, so childcare providers receive training to handle these nuances.  If you're looking for a high-quality child care company that will take care of your infant, you might wonder what they do and what challenges they face. Read More 

5 Tips To Save On Childcare Costs

On average, parents in the US spend $8,355 annually on childcare for each kid. Given the high cost of childcare, it's important to find tips on how to save on these costs to ensure they don't take up a significant proportion of your income. Here are practical tips to save on childcare services. 1. Always Shop Around Before settling for a specific childcare center, ask for recommendations from your friends, neighbors, colleagues, or family members. Read More 

Top 4 Skills Taught In Preschool Programs

Enrolling your child in a preschool program helps their growth in all development areas: physical, social, language, cognitive, and adaptive. By this time, your child is at least three years old, and they are ready to remain in preschool for about two years before joining kindergarten.  If your kids are already learning at preschool, or you are about to enroll them, you may wonder what is taught in these programs. Well, here are the top four skills you can expect your child to learn. Read More